Terms and Conditions

Cozy Websites is part of ClouLions family of marketing and communication products and services for healthcare industry. The policies and terms of service of Cozy Websites are governed by policies of CloudLions, and designed to provide quality service across the whole product line of CloudLions. The terms below can be revised on case-by-case basis, shell it be rendered nesessary by CloudLions. The specific stipulatios of the contract signed with CloudLions are prevaling over the general policies below.


Cozy Websites guarantee a provision of company’s services in timely manner, as stipulated in the clients agreement, including the support services for the products, as described in the contract. The terms of any agreement are automatically voided upon client missing the date for a scheduling payment. We reserve the right to extend the past due period of service at our own discrection, however Cozy Websites is not obligated to provide any services ones payment agreement is breached. Our online and on-the-phone support services are provided during the term of the contract, and expires after the term of the contract is compelted, and the contract is not renewed, unless otherwise described in the specific agreement with a specific client. In case client’s information storage services (including hosting, e-mail, ets) are terminated due to non-payment Cozy Websites is not reponcible for creating and providing back-up of any data, stored at terminated accounts at the time of termination. This terms and conditions are subget to be changed at any time at our discretion.


The prices and service plans listed on this website are subject to be changed at any time at our discretion. The only way to secure the specific special offer or price for the service is to engage in a written agreement, which guarantees you to receive the price for a service as described to the contract term. Purchasing the template site with pre-set list of options, and additional features constitute the legal agreement of a client with Cozy Websites, and secures your pricing options. Neither present pricing options on a website nor previously presented, and then changed prices constitute guarantee to receive this specific pricing during future engagements into agreements. We do reserve a right to honor the former prices at our discretion, if we see it fit.

Most of the services offered by Cozy Websites are not refundable exept for the situations of mistakes made on our part, and further to be proven so. We do reserve right to issue partial ro full refund on case-by-case basis at our own discretion, if we see it fit.


We provide online and on-the-phone technical support for all our products. The personal visits of our specialists to your location are not included in the standard services, unless othervise situlated in your agreement. Shell it render nesessary and permitted by your physical location, the time of the personal visit will be furnished under hourly rate stipulated in your agreement. If the agreement is not providing rate for this form of support the standard rate in Greater Metro Area is calculated at the rate of $150/hour. Both technical support and services are provided Monday through Friday 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. (EST)
except national holidays. The supprot services at emergency situations can be provided outside of regular business hours. We do reserve the right to desiced if situation is an emergency.


Client assumes the complete liability for the content distributed through any products of Cozy Website or in association with products or services of Cozy Websites. It is client’s responcibility to ensure that content displayed is not breaking any general legistalions or local laws, included but not limited to copyright laws, healthcare industry regulations, minor protection laws and others. Shell Cozy Website provide any content to the client, we guarantee the compliance of the content to the copyright laws of New York State, U.S.A.

As part of Cozy Websites services we can advise a client on best practices ensuring compliance of our products to healthcare regulations. It is however at client’s discretion the dicisions made on final form and content of their marketing and communication products.


Some of the products and services offered at Cozy Websites as part of the product line are products of different divisions of CloudLions. In case they are purchased through Cozy Websites, the usage and operation of these services will be governed by this terms and conditions unless otherwise stipulated in your contract.


Presently Cozy Websites is not selling or exchanging the information about its clients to other parties. We do not intent to collect any personalised information about our customers. If we request any personal information from you during the purchase or registration purpose it is made solely with an intention to provide you with special offers an promotions, as directed by you and solely if rendered likely to be related to your practice and nature of business. The personal information collected during the checkout process is collected solely for payment verification purposes, and will not be shared with any third party company except our payment processor. We collect anonimous demographic data about visitors to our website concerning geographical location and patterns of browsing the specific sections of the website.