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Cozy Websites has years of experience in field of web development and online marketing for healthcare industry. Our products and services enable you to better operate your practice, save time, and attract new patients, using everything technology of today has to offer for marketing.



Our specialists will create help you to choose a plan best for your practice and budget, build you a functional and professional looking website, have it filled with your information and ensure its functionality. Whether you order a basic template or state-of-the-art exclusive site, we will make sure it helps your practice run better.
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Ones the website is set, we will provide you with fast and reliable hosting, and professional e-mails (such as yourName@yourSite.com or office@yourSite.com). We will make sure that your website is accessible and loads fast, as long as you stay on the service plan.




Ones created, a website need to be promoted. Cozy offers a wide variety of promotional services starting from listing the information about your practice in online directories and basic preparation of the website for search engines to managing extensive SEO campaigns sophisticated marketing tools. Contact our specialist to design a marketing plan that fits best your needs and your budget




Our support team is always available to address your concerns, help with technical issue, educate you in using out tools, advise you on best online practices and help you to select products to make your online outlet most beneficial for your practice’s operation.




Contemporary information world shifts towards mobile technology and Cozy have much to offer you in that area. Besides adopting your website for optimal mobile performance, we offer development of custom applications for your business and connecting you to existing products, created to enhance your office operation.




The communication with a client is a key to successful operations of a medical practice. We are fully equipped to provide you with complete patient communication suite, covering virtually every aspect of patient-office interactions: appointment reminders, recall requests, newsletters and promotions, group messages – we have them all an more! Ask our specialists about specials pricing for a long-term contracts.

The system is compatible with all major Patient Management Systems, such as 
Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental/PracticeWeb and others.




Appointment management is vital moment in the interactions of a patient with healthcare provider. We offer several choices on making this process fast and easy for both. Cozy provides the comprehensive selections of appointment request solutions – starting from simple form, and ending with complete system, linked to the provider selection tool and synchronized with all major Patient Management Systems, such as Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental/PracticeWeb and others.



8-contentManagementCONTENT MANAGEMENT

The value of a website is significantly dependent on providing current and updatetd content. We offer a number of choices for making it happen, starting from a weekly content update plan, and ending with providing specialists in creating and distribution of your content to the patients.




Social networking rapidly becoming the most promising media for business promotion and reputation building. We provide several opportunities for increasing social exposure of your practice. The services ranging from planning and managing social campaign and ending with creating and management of your social networks outlets, including providing content for articles promoting your practice posted and distributed through the networks. We will also set-up profiles for your practice on social networks relevant to your area of healthcare services.




Statistics show that potential patient is more likely to search for information about the specific condition, or explanation of possible causes of specific symptoms, then for actual healthcare provider. We can help you to create a patient education section content with information likely to be thought by a potential patient, and leading to future appointment requests. We will also make sure to saturate the patient education section with relevant SEO oriented information to ensure it’s effectiveness.




Sometimes competing practices as well and biased former patients can provide untrue information about the healthcare provide in form of negative ratings and reviews. We can help with removing and decreasing relevance of those reviews, restoring the reputation of your practice to the level you deserve. We can also provide you with the tools, helping to build your online reputation, from embedded into the site to messages and tools urging your former patients to visit review websites and share their experience.




Cozy can provide your practice with quality photography and videography services along with photo editing services, as well as advise and assist you with setting-up your office with efficient system of creating before and after images for your website.




Cozy will create for your practice a comprehensive branding package, consisting of all brand assets: starting from business card design and printing to promotional brochures and custom patient forms.




With number of regulations increasing every day and closely being related to digital information transfer and particularly websites, it’s essential to ensure a website compliance to regulations governing information security and accessibility. Cozy has all necessary information and technology to ensure that your office is compliant.


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